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Uncategorized April 9, 2018


is something

with blackness that

people don’t associate with

being human. if we did,

then black men wouldn’t be gunned

down. a dead black child wouldn’t be

laying in the street for hours. black women

wouldn’t be criticised for their beauty. black transwomen, fading.

© 2018 edis rune





Uncategorized March 24, 2018


woke up

late for work

one morning in a

clear sunny day. i drove

over a fifty-five, to a

ninety. past many red lights, with blue

painted cars over my shoulder, and letting me

go past them. after work, to my car, i

saw a ticket about to be written for me, and

i begged for him to stop writing, and he generously

left me be. i went to the store, and bought fruits,

and left uninterruptedly. i placed the key inside the keyhole, and made

it home, and thought it was an average day spent.

© 2018 edis rune